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Design and shaping

Effective and functional design in accordance with your visual identity.


Portals for companies, cities and municipalities with the integration of all necessary functionalities.

Cryptocurrency integration

We offer you the integration of cryptocurrencies into your existing platforms as well as integration during the development of our solution.

web development

Web shops with integrated all payment systems.


Creation of various new and integration of existing SmartCity elements into existing or new solutions.


When developing web solutions, we provide content optimization services for viewing on all types of platforms, as well as SEO optimization.

web design
// vision

Design and shaping

One of the key components of any web solution is certainly a functional design that is consistent with your visuals so that it can fit into your marketing mix. Quality web solutions then become the backbone of your marketing activities and an efficient tool in attracting new and retaining existing clients.

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// smartcity

of the future

The SmartCity initiative is increasingly popular, both in the world and in Croatia, and cities and municipalities are slowly but surely turning to this model. This initiative implies constant upgrading and modernization of the system based on the principle of new options and modules in existing solutions. Our team develops platforms for you that are adapted to exactly these needs and can be continuously upgraded.


We develop portals of all levels of complexity and for every purpose. Our team has behind them a number of complex projects with demanding integrations and functionalities.


We also offer the option of migrating comprehensive content from existing web solutions to new platforms and training your employees to use it.

smart city
// e-commerce

the market
available to everyone

The year 2020 highlighted the importance of an adequate online system for selling your products or services and charging for them. For your needs, we develop from the simplest to the most complicated web sales systems with integration of the payment system of your choice. Whether your business requires a simple solution such as a store on social networks, or a complicated web solution with integrated payment via cryptocurrencies, our team is ready to meet the challenge. 


Share in trade


Mobline share
shops online in 2021.


Mobile shopping
From boredom


Impulsive buyers
via mobile phone

// monetization

Cryptocurrency integration

Integrating cryptocurrencies is a demanding job that requires knowledge, experience and significant investment. Regardless of the amount of the investment, the integration of cryptocurrencies into your solution very quickly begins to show positive effects and enables a relatively quick return on investment.  

Our team with extensive experience in this field will be happy to help you.

Content optimization

Optimizing the content posted on the web and optimizing the way that content is displayed on different platforms is essential for the quality rating of your website. Adequately prepared content does not lose its quality, and at the same time it is not bulky and does not slow down the loading of the website, thus providing a positive user experience for generations who do everything in an accelerated way and have no understanding of wasting time. Responsiveness of the website is also crucial since the number of users who use the Internet on mobile platforms has overtaken desktop users and there is a high probability that if it has content that is not adequately displayed on mobile platforms, they will not even watch it.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization of the website is a very important element for the visibility of the website. High-quality website content with relevant keywords enables, with good optimization, high positioning on relevant search engines. The so-called SEO optimization process naturally tries to place your page primarily on the first page of search results, and then as high as possible on that first page. In this way, SEO optimization saves your resources, which you would otherwise have to spend on, for example, Google AdWords advertising, and brings you greater visibility than most traditional advertising methods. Likewise, quality optimization in the case of Adwords campaigns enables you to rank better than the competition for the same ad.