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We are an established company specializing in marketing and software development. Our software, adapted to the individual needs of clients, raises your business to a higher level, and our marketing team makes sure that the message about your excellence reaches your clients.

Software solutions

Our team creates creative and high-quality software solutions with the aim of eliminating problematic points in the work process.

Marketing solutions

Intelligent problem identification and the effectiveness of our marketing efforts have a positive impact on sales.

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We offer you a wide range of services

Custom software development
We offer development and implementation of software solutions for all platforms and purposes.
The development of web solutions
We design and develop web solutions for all purposes, including eCommerce and Smart city solutions.
Marketing and advertising
In our offer, we offer full service marketing services related to both digital and traditional marketing.
Gaming projects
We create games for you that are also a strong marketing tool in your business.
3D visualization
We offer you the possibility of attractive product presentation through 3D visualization.
Design and printing
We create your visual identity and design and prepare promotional materials for printing.
IT consulting
We enable you to optimize your business through the implementation and maintenance of adequate IT solutions.
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We develop software for every platform

Modern business, in almost every industry, is impossible without quality software. Despite this fact, many companies are saving precisely in this segment without being aware that reduced productivity in the long run creates losses many times greater than the amount of investment in adequate program support. If you are not satisfied with your software or want to outsource part of your business, contact us and we will develop a first-class software solution adapted to your needs for your needs.

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Custom web solutions

Today's business is hard to imagine without quality web content, which as a primary marketing tool is crucial for conveying a message to your potential clients. If you need a complex portal, a web store with the integration of different payment systems, a complex or innovative website for your business, Curious Cat is here for you.

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Find everything you need in one place

The essence of quality marketing is to create an image of yourself that you want your clients to see and present that image to exactly those people who are your potential clients. In order to achieve this, you need a high-quality visual identity and adequate promotional activities. The Curious Cat company provides you in one place with everything you need to establish and implement quality marketing, and our team is at your disposal.

We implement campaigns for you on digital and traditional platforms.
Our team will create promo content in accordance with your visual identity.
Data analysis, report creation and visualization presentation to the client.
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Trust on a global scale

Emilia Clarke
Igor Crnobrnja
Sports union Sisak
"Having a skilled team at your disposal is essential in any professional branch. And sports are no different. We rely on Curious Cat's expertise on a number of projects and we are often amazed with what they can achieve."
Emilia Clarke
Sean McCoy
Charity Corps
"I hold being punctual in high regard. And guys at Curious Cat delivered in time and then some. Their approach to the problem at hand is truly one of a kind. I'm so happy to have found such a hard working and intelligent group of people."
Emilia Clarke
David Moss
HisPrint Ministries
"Working with people at Curious Cat was truly a treat. Such understanding of what needs to be done kept productivity at a constant high. Our only regret is that we didn't contact them earlier."
Emilia Clarke
Joe Page
"Now that's what I call business. Curious Cat guys came, saw and conquered each and every problem I was dealing with – and with such ease. It was unbelievable!"
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