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Company Curious Cat is a renowned development studio and marketing agency based in Sisak. As a progressive technology company, we solve problems and offer solutions for a simpler life for the people around us. Our focus is to provide clients in one place with most of the services necessary for the successful functioning of core buisiness. 

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Custom software development

We are a company specialized in the development of software solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of clients from demanding areas such as fintech, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain technology, cloud web services, and entertainment industry projects. Our areas of expertise include desktop, web and mobile applications that we develop as separate solutions or integrated and interconnected systems. We also develop our own software packages such as advanced cloud-based financial solutions, crowdfunding platforms based on cryptocurrencies, etc.


The modern age has led to the fact that almost everything can be measured and expressed numerically. A lot of data is at our fingertips and it is only necessary to "speak" the digital language well in order to be able to implement and interpret the marketing campaign. Digital marketing as such has become almost a segment of the IT industry and is a logical upgrade to our range of services. We create, set up, manage, audit and analyze campaigns for you on all online and offline platforms. 

the third part

Creating program code is like design an art in itself. Through design, our team members express their artistic line and create your visual identity and shape the way of presenting to your clients. For you, we create a book of standards that becomes your personal guide on the path to marketing success.


We are a company that develops solutions that make your business more efficient.


Our vision is virtual reality for all people in the world.